Best Place To Sell Gold - Some Important Factors to Sell Gold

We need to know the best place to sell gold when we need to sell gold either gold jewelry, gold bullion bar or gold bullion coin.  Gold is most stable payment object than others commodity and price of gold keep on rise but never drop significant. 

Therefore most people invest their money in gold and when they needs money for urgent matters their gold need to be converted into cash. So, they will look for best place to sell gold. Nowadays, most people are more inclined to save treasures in gold rather than money because gold continues to rise every day. The value of gold increase up significantly in the last three decades. Starting from $ 140 per troy once and when this article was made the value of gold has reached $ 1624 per troy once, 1 troy once equals 31.104 Grams.

If you need convert your gold to cash, we inform you some of the best place to sell gold. There are some places to sell gold depending on what type of gold you want to sell.


Sell Gold in Jewelry shops

The first place which is recommended as best place to sell gold is jewelry shops. Most people sell gold to jewelry shops because jewelry shops offer much more money than others. You can also buy other gold jewelry that you like. There are many kind of gold that sold by them such as jewelry gold, bar gold and coin gold, even though not all jewelry stores selling gold bar or gold coins but most of them sell all types of gold. In Jewelry shops, gold you have will be appraised and you will get money appropriate with the gold you sell. Because jewelry shops usually adjust to current market price.

So before you decide to sell your gold in one jewelry shop, better you collect information regarding your gold either current gold prices and specific jewelry shops that usually buy gold with a good price.

One more thing that you should not miss is trying to ask the price of gold to more than one jewelry store until you find the best place to sell gold.


Gold Buyer

The second place is gold buyer. There are 2 kinds of gold buyer.

Online Gold Buyer

Finding online gold buyer who has a good reputation is not difficult. You can find on the ads on websites such as at the bottom of this page. Usually your gold send via mail, then they will appraise your gold and make a bargain with you. If you agree they will send you some money. It's easy, is not it! We recommend that you read carefully all the terms and conditions before you decide to sell your gold to them. Make sure that all goes well and safe.


Offline Gold Buyer

Maybe you will a bit hard to find a gold buyer offline, because most people come to sell their gold to gold jewelry shops. But you can find them through people who know their whereabouts. Do not forget to make sure you are dealing with a reputable gold buyer. Make sure the transaction is safe.


The third place is pawnshops. Pawnshops are the place to get a loan with collateral. If you want to get a loan with gold as collateral, the best place to sell gold is a pawnshop.

Pawnshops have a system that is different from the others. They will receive your gold under gold current market price. Your gold will be stored until time expired. You can get your gold back if you paying off the loan on your gold before the time expired, for example one month.

Pawn shops can also be used by people who invest in bullion gold or gold jewelry. If someone is investing in gold and his gold pawned at pawnshop. He will get cash around 70 % (If your gold is gold bullion, you will easier calculate weight of the gold than gold jewelry.). Usually gold price keep on rise every years. After several years, the price of gold increased but the cost to pay off the loan still the same. So, he will benefit from rising gold prices.

Before you pawned your gold, you can consider gold deposit box rental prices, current gold price and gold price forecast for few years forward. You can calculate how much you will get profit from investing in gold.

If you want to invest in gold, the most ideal place to sell gold is pawnshop.

Gold Dealer

Another one of  the place to sell gold is a gold dealer. Gold dealer are people or company who work as a consultant for buying and selling gold either gold bullion bar or gold bullion coin and you can sell your gold to them.

Usually, their credibility is not in doubt. You can consult about buying and selling gold to them and they are always updating the current gold price. So if you want to sell gold of jewelry gold, gold bullion bar or gold bullion coin and if you find the gold dealers, better you sell your gold to them. But if you want to sell jewelry gold better you choose jewelry shops because usually jewelry gold is not really pure gold on accessories inside such as diamonds as ring accessories.

They are also provide gold to the bank if the bank's customers want to buy or sell gold.

So if you want to sell bar gold or coin gold, gold dealer is the right choice as best place to sell gold.


Auction Houses

Auction house can be one of best place to sell gold. Now, many people use the services of the auction house to sell their goods either online (through internet) or offline. In fact we see a lot of online auction houses on the internet. Because this is an internet sales then buyer could be from anywhere. One of them is ebay.

But I suggest to determine the auction house as a last choice because you never know how price of your gold after auction, whether in accordance with the current gold price or not. So auction house could be last choice of best place to sell gold.

These are some useful informations contained in

Scrap gold is unused gold items even the broken one and it has a sale value, such as broken watch, earrings, necklace or anything else in gold that is not used anymore. Before we sell the scrap gold, better check purity and weight, then calculate by our own using the scrap gold calculator, so we can negotiate the fit price when selling the scrap gold.
Currently, most people invest their money in gold bullion coins. Why? Because it has a special feature that is very advantageous to be collected and stored for long periods. If we have a large collection of gold bullion coins, our assets will increase more and more in the future.
Gold Coin Price fluctuations are determined in line with fluctuations of the gold value in the commodities market. In the last 10 years, fluctuations in gold prices increased significantly, that is about 500%. This increase is quite substantial and as a result more and more people are buying gold for investment.
In gold and silver pawn shop, people can get cash by pawning gold or silver, and pawned items will be assessed fairly. Usually, the price is set below the current price but still reasonable as a security risk. Customers will get a loan based on the calculation, privacy policy and negotiations.
Scrap gold calculator can help people who want to calculate how much their scrap gold assets. It�s usually needed for people who want to sell their scrap gold assets. This page explains the way to make scrap gold calculator including the formulas so it can be applied in an software application.
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